One Trade that can Save the Oklahoma City Thunder

After the Oklahoma City Thunder got bounced by the Utah Jazz in game 6 of round 1 of the Western Conference Playoffs, there has been a lot of justified scrutiny of the current Thunder roster.  Russell Westbrook put up an unprecedented 43 shots, shooting 42% from the field, and 36% from 3 in that game 6.  He air-balled at least 4 threes just in the second half, and never let his teammates get into any kind of rhythm.  Russ being Russ.

Paul George, also known as the infamous Playoff P, decided he was done with the team, and shot an impressive 2-16 from the field, while missing all 6 of his attempts from 3.  If this game wasn’t a sign that George is already looking into his upcoming free agency, I’m not sure what else he can do to make it more obvious other than tweeting, “Fuck Oklahoma City, I’m Out.”

The third member of the Oklahoma City Big Three, Carmelo Anthony, only logged 26 minutes with 7 points due to his poor play all series long.  He then said days later that he is not willing to come off the bench next year.  The Thunder must be thrilled that not only did their role of the dice of trading for Melo this summer fail miserably, but now they have a washed-up star that is due $28 million next season that is not willing to play a role off the bench, which would be best for the team.  Melo being Melo.

I know what you are thinking right now; the Thunder are in a tough spot.  I would have to agree with that, but if Thunder GM Sam Presti wants to hire me as a consultant, I have the perfect trade that will turn this team around even with the loss of George.  Here it is…

Thunder Receive:  G John Wall, C Ian Mahinmi

Wizards Receive:  C Steven Adams, G Andre Roberson, 2019 Thunder 1st Round Pick

Who says no?

The Wizards would get the center they have been trying to acquire for years in Adams, a shutdown defender on the wing in Roberson, and a future pick that no one knows where it could land.  They also would get to dump the indefensible contract of Ian Mahinmi.

The Thunder would have to absorb the contract of an overpaid, below average center, but they would also receive a perennial All-Star.  More importantly, they would be adding a third player with a “Me Monster” mentally alongside Westbrook and Anthony.

Thunder fans are probably losing their minds right now but hear me out.  When you have two alpha males like Westbrook and Anthony in a locker room, there is most likely a power struggle that brews between the two players that could potentially divide the locker room.  What if the solution to this problem is to add a third player that is just as self-absorbed as the other 2 to throw the chemistry of the team so far out of sync that it ultimately brings the team together because those 3 players see how ridiculous their playing styles are? They all finally realize that the only way the team has a chance of winning is to work together, you know, like you typically do in team sports…

I’m no psychologist, but I think this is the best bet the Thunder can make to have a chance of turning this shit storm of a roster around.  Good luck Sammy P, this should be fun.

Photo Credit: Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports via SB Nation

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