2K Sports Hates Cleveland

2K Sports announced today that LeBron James will be featured on the NBA 2K19 cover for the 20th anniversary of the game’s existence.  This will be LeBron’s second appearance as the cover athlete of one of the most popular sports video games.  His previous appearance was in 2014, when Lebron was still a member of the Miami Heat.

So why is this a big deal?  LeBron is the best thing to happen to the city of Cleveland since Jim Brown back in the 50’s and 60’s.  James brought the sad sports city their first championship in over 50 years during the 2016 NBA Finals, beating the infamous 73-win Warriors team.  LeBron has earned unanimous approval (except from maybe Dan Gilbert) in Cleveland for that accomplishment alone.  But you know what the Cavs faithful haven’t had yet?  An NBA 2K cover athlete.

LeBron spent 7 years in The Land before taking his talents to South Beach and winning 2 titles with the Heat to go along with his achievement of NBA 2K14 cover athlete.  Now they are giving him the honor of the cover once more when the Cavs savior could be packing his bags this summer if this Warriors series ends poorly (which it will).  This is kind of a smack in the face to Cleveland.  Sad.

The video game franchise tried throwing the Cavs a bone last year when they announced Kyrie Irving would be on the cover for NBA 2K18 before he was abruptly traded to a conference rival for 20 cents on the dollar.

Cleveland can feed off the success of the 2015-2016 Cavilers for the next 50 years until the next James or Brown comes around, but I do not think they’ll forgive 2K Sports for the troll job given to the city the past 6 years.

At least the Browns got Peyton Hillis on the Madden Cover…

Photo Credit: Variety.com

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