Barbara Bottini is a Keeper

Bryan Colangelo resigned from his role as the President of Basketball Operations and General Manager of the Philadelphia 76ers after five Twitter burner accounts used to criticize his current and former teams were linked back to him.

Law firm Paul/Weiss concluded that Colangelo did not create these accounts, or post from them.  His wife, Barbara Bottini, was behind the creation of these anonymous accounts, and would post from them regularly to defend her husband for his decisions while holding leadership roles with NBA franchises, among other things.

Some might view Barbara as a crazy person for carelessly disclosing confidential information that her husband told her in the privacy of their own home, but I think it is sweet of her to care about his reputation that much.

Having one Twitter account can be a lot of work.  I have been thinking about creating a new account for this website, but that would be a major commitment to do that at the time being.  This woman had FIVE different accounts!  She maneuvered around each of these accounts to make sure each of them were getting some love, Eric Jr being her favorite.  She went to bat against all the internet trolls that trashed Colangelo and wanted to bring Sam Hinkie back to Philadelphia.  She pulled out all the tricks, including revealing sensitive information about Markelle Fultz, Ben Simmons, Jahlil Okafor, and Joel Embiid.

Most importantly, she stuck up for her son, who currently plays basketball at the University of Chicago.  Not only is she a supportive wife, but she loves her son, and is willing to defend him on burner accounts on Twitter no matter what.  If that isn’t love in 2018, I am not sure what is.

Barbara has proven to us that she is the kind of gal that guys should be looking for.  You might not want to trust her with any important information that she could post on the internet that anyone can see, which could result in ruining your career, but she will always have your back.  That is hard to find in 2018.

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