TO Continues His Antics, and That’s Why We Love Him

Terrell Owens (TO) has always had a way of pissing off the media.  During his career, he was flamboyant, cocky, and everything was always all about him.  He was also one of the best players to play wide receiver in the history of the NFL.  TO ranks 2nd in all time receiving yards, 3rd in receiving touchdowns, and 8th in receptions.  His charisma was infectious, and you never knew what he had planned after any of his 153 touchdown catches.

Unfortunately, his relationship with the media cost him being a first-ballot Hall of Famer, even though his career achievements qualified him as a no-brainer to receive the honor.  The selection committee waited two years before finally selecting him in his 3rd year of eligibility.

TO announced today that he will not be attending the Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Canton, Ohio later this summer.  He is opting to hold his own event to celebrate his induction.

This is perfect.  This is who TO is, and I hope he never changes.

Sports is an entertainment business, and TO is one of the best entertainers the NFL has ever had.  From the cheerleading, to mocking Ray Lewis, planting the ball on the Dallas star at midfield, eating the popcorn, and pulling the sharpie out of his shoe to sign a ball for a fan, it was always a show.  He did not always treat the media right, and he never won a Super Bowl.  One of those things matters.  The other thing was just pettiness from a certain group of individuals.

I love TO for doing this.  The media disrespected him for not being impartial when selecting the Hall of Fame classes, the last three years.  They made the wrong choices.  Now he is telling them to fuck off.  He planted the ball on the selection committee’s homefield.

You do you, Terrell.

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