The Media Mob Mentality Needs to Stop

On Wednesday afternoon, Urban Meyer was placed on paid administrative leave from his position as the head coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes football team after reports suggested that Meyer lied about knowing anything about an ongoing domestic dispute between Zach Smith, Meyer’s wide receivers’ coach for over 10 years, and his ex-wife, Courtney Smith.

Brett McMurphy (@Brett_McMurphy via Twitter) released text messages and quotes from an exclusive interview with Courtney Smith about the domestic violence history between the couple, and the communication she was having with Urban’s wife, Shelley Meyer.  The details are horrific.  If you would like to read the whole story that McMurphy reported on, there will be a link at the bottom of this article.

Before I give my two cents about this, I want to reiterate that if any of this report is true, Urban Meyer should be fired immediately from the University, and not allowed to coach football ever again.  This kind of negligence cannot be tolerated in any workplace in America, especially one where the person responsible is a leader tasked with molding impressionable boys into young men.  They need their head coach to be morally elite and be a positive influence in their lives.  Learning of and enabling a violent relationship to persist virtually negates any sort of moral preaching or values a coach can try to instill.

Okay, we got that out of the way.

Now, I must point out a major flaw in our society that is really becoming concerning.  When this report was announced, every human being that follows sports and has social media had to put their opinion out on this manner, so everyone could see it.  Most people out there stated that Meyer must resign, or Ohio State must fire him immediately.  The die-hard Ohio State fanbase could not believe that this was all unraveling before their eyes (trust me, I know the feeling times about 138).  But you know what?  Ohio State is doing the right thing here.

The McMurphy piece has all the information anyone would ever need to fire Meyer, but there needs to be at least an investigation to confirm all the content that McMurphy reported.  Ohio State needs to do their own investigation along with an outside investigation firm to make sure they get the story right.

Meyer, by all counts, is all sorts of fucked, and deservingly so if the allegations are true.  What if somehow, he wasn’t responsible though, and his name got drug in the dirt for no reason?

The media in today’s oversensitive era (for better and for worse) is increasingly willing to react on emotion rather than make sure the facts are right before trying to ruin someone’s career.

Two recent examples of this in the past year are Ezekiel Elliott and Reuben Foster.  Both men have checkered histories, which does not help their cases, but were both framed by ex-girlfriends for domestic abuse just so that they could ruin their livelihoods for breaking up with them.  The media demanded Foster be released from the 49ers when that allegation was presented, and the team almost made the move purely on peer pressure.  That is not how we are going to solve problems in our society.

Problems are going to be solved by helping each other out, getting the facts right, and making sure abuse is reported, no matter how hard it is.  Being there for one another and recognizing the bad dudes in society will go a long way of protecting everyone from tragic scenarios like the one unfolding in Columbus.

The media blowing shit up before facts are confirmed is hurting the cause.  The media is fueling the people that do not accept that this is an issue every time an innocent guy gets framed for this horrendous crime.

McMurphy did an amazing job with this report, and you can tell by the way it is presented that this is most likely true.  Many members of the media need to take notes on this case, and make sure you have everything organized and confirmed before releasing the information to the world.

No shit Urban Meyer should not coach a game at Ohio State again if this is all true, but let’s take a second and confirm the reports before we behead the man in town square, “Game of Thrones,” style…

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